First of all i need to talk about how to come into the snowkiting and say thank you to Daniel Wolfinger who was my entry-door to the snowkiting. As i was a young Man, i meet with Daniel on a greenfield where we flyed Powerkites. This was so great to me. After a couple weeks the winter was in and we meet again on the snow. One day in the snow and it was clear to me, i found my passion.

As we where in the beginning of the Sport, it was dangerous at all. Frieds where going in and out of hospitality and it was just a case of time i needed also a Hospital. Badwise i was 3 Mounth in the Hospital at Bern after a strike into a wooden wall. Little by little i had to learn walking and after another mounth i was back on to the road. Funnywise it was just the next season i was going back into the snowkiting. That time with a safetyleash and a releasesystem on a Flysurferkite. This was the time i was going into a Sponsoring with Flysurfer Kiteboarding who is still my Sponsor. These are now 11 Years of great work together to work on better and better Kites.

You need to agree that my Palmares is wonderfull as i had the chance to be in the Top Places every Race on that world. I list only the Top 10 Places i get.

  • Redbull Ragnarok 2014/15 3rd, 2013/14 4th, 2015/16 5th, 2011/12 5th.
  • World Championship's 2003/04 1st, 2009/10 2nd, 2015/16 3rd, 2002/03 7th, 2010/11 7th
  • World Ranking 2018/19 8th
  • Varanger Arktic Kite Enduro 2013/14 10th
  • Swiss Championship's 2002/03 1st, 2003/04 1st,2011/12 1st, 2001/02 3rd, 2013/14 3rd, 2014/15 3rd, 2015/16 3rd, 2016/17 2nd, 2017/18 7th, 2018/19 1st
  • Worldcup Thalgau Austria 2005/06 2nd
  • Race St.Petersburg Russia 2009/10 8th
  • Marathon Tagliazzi Russia 2009/10 23th

The Swiss Championship is a Raceserie's about 3 to 5 Races a Season, where a Race has several heat's.

I am very proud to be still one of the Top 10 Riders on the world. With my age it is every year harder to compete on such a high level in Races. But passion is passion.